Mark on the glass?

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The glasses are just as great as described and shown. My only concern is that the glass might get marked when folded. I do not think the plastic will protect the glass from getting marks on it. One of my cases did not have the magnet. It will therefore not close!

Absolutely Perfect

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These glasses are comfortable, durable, and look awesome!

They Have Arrived!!

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The quality is outstanding, they feel strong and durable!

Holtzmann Style Spectres

Stock Sale!!  Now at Crowdfunding Prices

Steampunk, Cosplay,  Everyday

I started O’Riginals out of a life long love of Sunglasses with Side-Shields.  Not really knowing it at the time, but apparently they fell into the Steampunk genre.  However, since starting the business of making glasses the audience for them has become much broader.

O’Riginals Sunglasses have been delivered to every almost every country on the planet since I began selling world wide.  To stay up to date with the latest information pleas follow us on the Facebook Fanpage.  You can also get updates and discounts by joining the newsletter as well.

Welcome to O’Riginals.