Stoker Good Omens Pre-Sale

You Can Always Save More With The OTC Subscription Service.

Year One of the OTC Subscription Plan Includes these Glasses

OTC Subscription Service

A New Style of O’Riginals Trading Co. Glasses To Your Door Every Quarter

Every quarter, O’Riginals Trading Co. is now delivering a new style of glasses with side-shields.  Over the next 12 months we will deliver 4 entirely new styles of O’Riginals that have not been sold on the site before.  The schedule includes a pair of Stokers, Black Eagles, Spitfire and Osprey.  These new designs will be available first to subscription members.  All glasses in the Subscription Plan are made with either side-shields or side-lenses.  The next 4 quarters has one pair with side-lenses and 3 pair with side-shields.

How it Works

1. Choose a Subscription length: Quarterly, Semi Annual or Annually. I am giving away over 400 Pair of FREE glasses to Founding Subscribers.
2. The longer you are signed up for the more significant your discount. There is savings if you commit to a longer plan up front.
3. Four times this next year you get to bask in the coolness of wearing the best style and highest quality glasses with side-shields on the market, delivered to your door. All OTC Glasses have UV 400 protection. All, except Stokers, are Polarized

Check which subscription option is right for you and make sure you get your FREE pair of O’Riginals.