My name is Sean O’Riordan and I am the owner of O’Riginals Trading Co.  This first started because I saw a television show and one of the characters was wearing glasses that I had never seen before and they had glass side shields.  I immediately went to the interwebs to find a pair…. nothing…. really, nothing.  Nobody makes these anymore.  Well I am about to change all of that.  While I currently am restoring Vintage Glasses with Side Shields I am also investing everything I make to tool up and bring these awesome pieces eyewear back. 

Where we have been.

It has been a fast few months here at O’Riginals Trading Co.  I went from a small boutique sunglass restoration shop to a full fledged sunglass line.  It all started when we were finally able to work with a factory to make these beautiful shades.  That process alone took two years for me to track down and vet.  What a learning experience.

Once that was done and dusted it was time to start a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. It became on of the most successful sunglasses campaigns to hit the fashion category on Indiegogo.

Where We Are.

After production delays because of sampling issues (I wasn’t happy with the production product and scrapped a large run and started over) I am happy to say my backers are taking delivery of their Sterling 23s and I am shipping as fast as I can produce them.

The Verdict?

Customer satisfaction with the product is through the roof.  Even with the production delay those who have received their Sterling 23s have voiced that it was worth the wait. Over the next 60-90 days the first run of Sterling 23s will be delivered and the second run will be in production.

What’s Next?

As I fulfill the backers from Indiegogo I am now getting ready to place the order for my next run. Because Sterlings are hand-crafted and the factory is small I am only able to do runs of 500.  The presale for the Sport and Classic has now begun for a June delivery and you may Pre-Order Sterling 23s in the Emporium.  The Eagles are still sampling and should run by end of July.

If you haven’t joined us on the Facebook Fanpage you should as that is where we update on almost a daily basis.  Facebook Page.