They Have Arrived!!

The quality is outstanding, they feel strong and durable!
- Dyfrig G


Coolest looking shades I have ever had. The quality and attention to detail is top notch.
- Mike B

Better than RayBans

Much more sturdy and better quality than my RayBans.
- John H

Most Important

They're stylish, attractive and unique, but most importantly of any pair of sunglasses: They work.
- Alexander B.

Love Them

Best shades I've ever owned, every one loves em and I get asked about them constantly. I have several pairs already and will be getting more soon.
- Paul T

I love them

The quality and craftsmanship are top notch...I love these babies!
- James H.

Awesome glasses

I got the glass lenses in my glasses and these lenses are better than my Oakleys. I really like the wire rim frames because they can be tweaked for the perfect custom fit. The stainless steel frames also look very nice. I would recommend these glasses to anyone.
- Otto

Brilliant style.

When compared to vintage glasses of the same style O'Riginals pass the test. As a cosplayer and collector I was jealous of my friends with classic glasses like sterling 23s. Now that I have mine I am the envy of the show. I compared mine directly to the original and the attention to detail is remarkable.
- Sean McCorkell


They have an amazing design that fits comfortably for any and can easily be adjusted. Works great in any setting. I have received many compliments on my pair and I highly recommend them to people.
- Charles White